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WWLR launch new website

Tourist attractions have been hit hard by lockdown, but the bold and the brave have reinvented themselves and adapted to the ever-changing situation.

The Wells & Walsingham Light Railway took full advantage of the downtime to overhaul every aspect of their operation, and nCompass created a brand new website to reflect the new face of the railway. With so many aspects to promote, the biggest challenge was to pick out the more relevant and engaging aspects of the attraction for visitors. Even with social distancing measures and a thorough clean down after every journey, the energy and excitement of the trips, trains and teams there shines through.

With clear guidance and visitor demographic analysis from the client, the site was designed with a cultured audience in mind, and focused on the wildlife, history and charm associated with each trip.

With newsletter subscriptions rolling in, the early signs are encouraging both for the website and the railway. So if you're ever in North Norfolk...


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