nCompass is an independent communications consultancy.
At its heart is Mike Goldwater, a creative marketing, advertising and branding professional.

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We can fill a tiny skills gap or deliver a major communications programme. We're creative, practical, slightly maverick yet impeccably professional. Just need some succinct content, a presentation, a live event or creative ‘on tap’? We even plan media too.


Mike's been involved in award-winning creative, media and marketing campaigns for over 30 years. He’s worked on B2C and B2B accounts in major agencies in the UK and overseas, promoting niche and specialist brands, SMEs and global corporations.


Our unshakeable commitment to every project helps to make us indispensable when it comes to successful programme delivery.  Working with clients across diverse sectors, we know how to engage brands with their consumer audiences and B2B markets.



The campaign converted a sceptical audience and influenced radical change at the highest level.
Thank you Mike! You are a great partner...

Jon Wheeler
Verifone Taxi (UK) Ltd

nCompass brought our brand to life. Mike’s input and commitment have been invaluable, he must take his share of the credit for our accelerated growth and success.

Deborah Conway
F&P Director

Mike helped to build our brand and our CRM programme. nCompass conveyed important news to patients, using the website he created as the focus of our customer communications…

Dr. Walter Abelman
JDoc Medical Ltd.




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