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New MPI branding unveiled

Created by nCompass and following an extensive research programme and brand development, MPI Brokers unveiled their new brand to the assembled wintersports trade and media at the SkiLaunch season opener in Kensington. The new identity is the cornerstone of the MPI Brokers visual brand, and is a modern reinterpretation of the original logo.

The bold, upright lettering of the initials reflect the confident and attentive character of the brand and the expertise of its’ people, whilst the logo still retains much of the character of the original logo created when the company was first established. The three initials – MPI – are made up of uniquely created graphics and are not part of a standard font family.

The new branding is already establishing a presence as new communications are rolled out and MPI further raises its profile within the travel industry. A new website is being developed in-house to reflect the new house style, as is a range of branded apparel, display materials and signage. Press advertising and sponsorship materials are also being created, and a new literature programme is also in the pipeline.


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