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nCompass wins Museum bid

Our submission for redesigning the branding, signage and website for a Museum in Norfolk has been approved. Invitations to submit proposals were open to all, and the nCompass bid was selected at a recent full council meeting. The museum is fully accredited by the Arts Council and is located on the clifftop overlooking Mundesley beach in Norfolk.

Originally a Coastguard lookout post built in 1928, the museum recalls heroic lifeboat exploits, local ship wrecks and the inshore fishing industry in photographs, prints and historical documents. The first floor has been restored to depict a coastguard lookout of the pre-war era with tide clock, fog horn and powerful binoculars. It also features more modern equipment such as radar and VHF radio. The building is still used by the National Coastwatch Institution (NCI) to monitor the local coastline.

In addition to maritime history, the tiny museum also records the old Mundesley railway, minefield and locally found fossils including a mammoth, elephant and hippopotamus!

Ironically, as one of the many USPs of the museum is that it is one of the smallest - if not THE smallest - in the UK, it can't reopen with all the other public amenities as we emerge from lockdown. There is not enough space for social distancing inside the two-storey building as it's less than two meters wide!


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