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Brandflakes takes to the air

Following the successful launch of Poppyland Radio earlier this year, I was asked to present a B2B marketing show. After all, I was constantly reminded about my experience and adventures spanning my 35+ year career to date. It'd be easy; "You know so much and you're never short of a good story!"

After some persuasion 'Brandflakes' went live in March. The show caters for business owners, brand guardians and students of marketing. We also have listeners from the general public now who are intrigued by what goes into a marketing programme, an ad campaign or the creation of a brand.

Each week the show takes a marketing topic and gives it the Brandflakes treatment. We give it a relatively light touch, explaining some of the benefits and workings of our topic, digging out fascinating stories and case studies and chatting about it in the studio. It's without doubt, the fastest hour of my week!

Brandflakes started off as an early morning show, was then moved to 11am to attract more listeners, and has now been promoted to lunchtime. From 14 September, Brandflakes will be broadcast at 1pm every Wednesday.

The whole show is kept on-track by my co-presenter Claire, who interrogates me on behalf of the listeners. Claire is a revelation in this role. Like me, she'd never presented a radio show before, but has taken to it like a duck to water. Claire also anchors her own live show 'The Mardle' on Thursdays at 2pm too.

If you'd like to listen in, we can be heard online - no radio required! Ask your smart-speaker to launch Poppyland Radio or listen live online at You can catch up with past shows too using the Listen Again 'MixCloud' facility available on the website.


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