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Amelio: The life of a VIP private membership scheme

Using a membership model similar to the type used by private gyms, JDoc365 steadily built their membership database, with nCompass running a variety of recruitment and referral drives. Working closely with the management team, the database was soon strategically separated from JDoc365 and now runs as a standalone private membership brand.

‘Amelio’ was created, providing members with benefits from a growing number of healthcare, wellbeing and lifestyle brands. nCompass created the Amelio VIP brand and established a portfolio of literature on- and off-line. In addition, administrative communications were developed to aid membership renewals, and to integrate with affiliate partners at the point of service delivery.

Having designed and built the Amelio VIP website and partner recruitment resources, the service was opened up to quality lifestyle service brands on a national basis. nCompass produced a range of marketing and eCRM activities to help promote the brand itself and individual affiliate partners to the membership.


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