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AFC Wimbledon first to plug into new inCyyte Enterprise Programme

AFC Wimbledon, the EFC League 1 football club, are the first professional sports club to use the Enterprise Network module on the inCyyte marketing platform, a strategic partner of nCompass Communications. AFCW can now engage with their customers, followers and fans by sending fully branded multimedia email broadcasts. Fans engage, providing insight and bonding ever more strongly with their ‘Broadcaster’ club.

On the inCyyte platform, Broadcasters invite advertisers, sponsors and strategic partners to join their exclusive Enterprise Network. This enables them to deliver exclusive added-value offers to their customers on behalf of their ad partners.

The broadcasts go out, consumers engage and vote, and an ad is served. Voters can click to redeem the offer and the ad revenue is then shared with the Broadcaster.

The Broadcaster gains insight, audience analysis and revenue, the advertiser is introduced to receptive new leads and consumers receive exclusive offers.


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